About Us

Bones and Brain in Review was created to assist those interested in musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. We identify the most useful current research from over 80 academic journals monthly.

Bones and Brain in Review is produced monthly at an Academic Medical Center and is distributed throughout the world to academic centers who use our journal to assist with the ongoing education of their professors and students.

Bones and Brain in Review was created by Dr. David Burke, a Professor and Department Chairman at Emory University School of Medicine. For nearly a quarter of a century, he has served as Editor in Chief and collaborated with major universities and medical societies throughout the world.

Bones and Brain in Review is widely read by physicians and is among the top 3 most read journals in the field. We are distributed throughout China, India, Pakistan, Australia, Europe, and North America, as well as by the World Health Organization.

Bones and Brain in Review collaborates with Emory University to provide up to 36 CME credits per year for physicians, as well as CEU credits for non-physicians.